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January 2015   Are you ready for journalism education without "journalism"?
September 2013
  Goodbye to two old friends
August 2013
  Why we must write more concisely
July 2013
  Why you should pay attention to 3-D printing
June 2012
  How we say things does matter
December 2011
  In defense of a proposal
October 2011
  Why journalists should use multiple browsers
September 2011
  An editor reads the news: Cop speak and time shifting
August 2011
  A journalist and the phone book
July 2011
  It isn’t rocket science, but …
June 2011
  Digital age changing idea of story
May 2011
  When editing, look at the pictures
March 2011
  Good writing has strong genes
February 2011
  Why J-schools teach technology
January 2011
  Social media: Tactical vs. strategic thinking
December 2010
  Crediting the competition — the line has moved
November 2010
  Get readers clicking with more active links
October 2010
  Is social media the latest FOI threat?
September 2010
  Fending off attackers
August 2010
  Tinny phrases
July 2010
  From the Grammar Grab Bag - Plurals
June 2010
  Peering into the future
May 2010
  Putting style in its proper place
April 2010
  Make it easier to handle routine stories
February 2010
  Beware of information missing in plain sight
Janurary 2010
What Jak Smyrl can teach us
December 2009
Why we do what we do
November 2009
  Six readings for a new age of journalism
October 2009
  Avoiding stereotypes
September 2009
  What is style exactly?
August 2009
  A potpourri of problems
July 2009
  Some basic things journalists should know
June 2009
  Effective linking
May 2009
  Reassessing J-school – and your newsroom
April 2009
  Helping ourselves
March 2009
  Staying sane in a numerically insane world
February 2009
  Snobbery in defense of grammar is no virtue
January 2009
  Information wants to be fun
December 2008
Who will face big government?
November 2008
  Carnival of Journalism – Tips for your newsroom
October 2008
  Rethinking how we handle numbers
September 2008
  Old but good Web sites still useful for journalists
August 2008
  Should the newsroom own the press?
July 2008
  Distinctions without difference?
June 2008
  Some Thoughts on Verbs
May 2008
  ACES - and journalism - at a crossroads
April 2008
  Pity the poor hyphen
March 2008
  The problem with "raw" data online
February 2008
  Getting a good start
January 2008
  The silly number season
December 2007
About those job ads
November 2007
  Are your archives a 'digital dilemma'?
October 2007
  Is 'good enough' good enough?
    September 2007
  Copy editors can take some pride in these students' stories
August 2007
  Little words, big problems
July 2007
  Norm Goldstein, keeper of AP style
June 2007
  Exploring the FOI black hole
May 2007
  Style, usage and confusion
April 2007
  A very bad idea
March 2007
  Struggling with who's in control
February 2007
  Are you building your farm team?
January 2007
  Advice for a young police beat reporter
December 2006
'Tis (not) the season for cliches
November 2006
  Stop writing in the past
October 2006
  Copy desk's worth invaluable, but hard to measure
September 2006
  A metaphor for our new media times
August 2006
  Avoiding Cop-speak
July 2006
  Taking the plunge into "cit-j"
June 2006
  Headline panel leaves lots to think about
May 2006
  Fine's tough prescription for newspapers
April 2006
  Spring-cleaning suggestions for AP
March 2006
  Four questions for reporters
February 2006
  Just Because
January 2006
  Some election year resolutions
December 2005
Enlisting citizen journalists in FOI
November 2005
  Reclaiming our Journalism
October 2005
  Caring for your copy and photo desks in crises
September 2005
  Measuring our ethical problems
August 2005
  Comma questions
July 2005
  From the Editor’s 411 mailbag
June 2005
  Lessons from the comics, a merger and a newspaper called ‘Wort’
May 2005
  Combating a deadly disease
April 2005
  Preparing for Disaster
APRIL EXTRA: Spring cleaning of the AP’s style closet
March 2005
  Bringing life to Planet Journalism
February 2005
  Getting our numbers in line
January 2005
  Respecting readers
December 2004
One in five of us is (are?) confused by this
November 2004
  A key tool for journalists, “whois” is endangered
October 2004
  Be kind to editors and writers
September 2004
  When the phrasing is suspect
August 2004
  AP’s change raises an ageless issue
July 2004
  A new (old) challenge for copy editors
June 2004
  Questions Answered
May 2004
  Time for some changes?
April 2004
  On being concise - part 2
March 2004
  Are you ready for the visual avalanche?
February 2004
  A dozen quick ways to better spelling
January 2004
  Let's not eat our young
December 2003
Mine those legal ads for stories
November 2003
  On being concise
October 2003
  A series problem
September 2003
  Are you using all your credibility assets?
August 2003
  Staying alert for tin-ear constructions
July 2003
  Getting a hand up on court, crime terms
June 2003
  Integrity: The new management challenge
May 2003
  Three for summer reading
April 2003
  Valuing your copy desk
March 2003
February 2003
  Instant credibility busters
January 2003
  Shortcuts to good cutlines
December 2002
Jargon does not elevate journalism
November 2002
  Overused words and phrases
October 2002
  “So that” is the way it is – or should be in many cases
September 2002
   Newsroom Numeracy
August 2002
  That’ is not a four-letter word
July 2002
  Language often is symptom of deeper newsroom frustrations
June 2002
  Two rights sometimes are wrong
May 2002
  Anticipating Disaster II
April 2002
  Anticipating Disaster
March 2002
  Another Grammar Column
Feb. 2002
  Six Questions for Editors

Doug Fisher, a former AP news editor, teaches journalism at the University of South Carolina and can be reached at or 803-777-3315.

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